Privacy Policy

At Building Chemical Research we care about your privacy. We never share your data and only keep data in compliance with UK business law.

Ecommerce and Product Orders

All online orders are processed securely by Worldpay at their secure server. Offline orders are processed in accordance with our business arrangements with you.

Emails and online correspondance

If you choose to contact us by email or by using our online mailforms or by interacting with us via our ecommerce system will cause digital copies of your information, message, email or other correspondance with us to be duplicated across our mail server, inboxes and other such message conveyance systems.

Your Right to Your Data

We keep records of our business transactions to comply with UK business law and for accounting purposes. We may also keep email or written correspondance for our records together with your customer contact details or any other documents persuant to any business you do with us (Building Chemical Research 1984 Ltd.).

You may ask us for copies of any data we hold relating to you or to invoke your right-to-be-forgotten. However, we may retain documents that relate to our business transactions stated above. Document searches or data destruction may incur a small, admin fee.

Website Cookies

Essential Site Cookies

Our website home page and brochure section do not use cookies or trackers.

Our online store requires several cookies to function as detailed:-

  • "currency": Used to store customer currency preference.
  • "language": Used to store customer language preference.
  • "PHPSESSID": Used to identify you as the owner of your shopping basket, wishlist and product compare preferences for this session.

The cookies listed are essential to the functionality of the shopping cart and order system.

Non-essential Cookies

We don't use any non-essential or third-party cookies on this website.